Sunday, April 14, 2013

La vie est merveilleuse

It has been almost a month without an update and you might have been worried cause it has never been this long before.  But no worries!  I'm doing GREAT!!!  Like always, I'm busy living my wonderful last run of my exchange to the max and enjoying every moment.  Actually right now, I'm just packing for the 12 day EUROTOUR which is a Rotary organized bus trip with around 45 youth exchange students!  And yes, I'm leaving in less than two hours though I'm not even close to finish packing all my stuff...  Yup, I guess procrastination is my best friend at times.  But before I leave, I would like to quickly recap what I have done recently:

Third host family = merveilleuse!! (wonderful!!)

This time I live on a farm with a host father, a host mother, an eighteen year old brother, a seventeen year old host sister and a twelve year old host sister.  There's also a dog, two goats, two cows, a horse, a pony, over a dozen chickens and some stray cats!  A much bigger family than before, and definitely, a big change from the last family in the Gendarmerie.  (Basically a neighbourhood of policemen who are part of the army.)  Not the last few months of exchange I (and probably you) expected!

We're not exactly living my host town of Louhans but in a smaller village a few kilometres away.  I still go to the same lycée so life haven't changed drastically.  They also have a large garden where they grow vegetables and some fruit trees.  They eat almost everything bio, so it's a unique and interesting way of living.  They are a kind family, and I'm happy to have the chance to live in this kind of setting!

Bah allo quoi... (next to one of their highland cows)
The family´s gardening project: La ferme de Gaia

My host sister and her horse

The house!

Other than that, I recently hung out with one of my French friends!  We feasted together on a macaron pastry, and it was SOOOOOO delicious!!
Also, I was lucky enough to receive a whole bunch of Japanese candy sent from my friend in Japan!!

Just last Friday, my lycée held an event called Carnabac which is a word created using Carnival (a holiday) and BAC (the end of the year exams) so many students dressed up for the entire day!!

Us, the exchange students, decided to represent our country by dressing up as "Misses" 
Some of my friends and I all dressed up

Everyone doing the Harlem Shake
Lastly, my friends and I went to a nearby city called Macon to see a French rap concert!!  It was an incredible experience.  The name of the rap group is Sexion D´assault (featuring DRY, L'institut and DJ H cue) and we all enjoyed the evening.  (Though I must admit that at times they sung so quickly in French that I had no clue what they were saying!) 

Me beside Docteur Bérize of l'Institut Officiel
Overall, the past month has been fantastic and I couldn't have asked for anything else better.  Now I have two months and a half left to enjoy!!  I better get going because I will embark on the Eurotour.  Expect an update soon!!

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