Friday, November 2, 2012

Dijon, un Chateâu et Beaune

Today was another wonderful day of my two weeks of le vacance.  A very kind Rotarian and his wife invited me to go to the 82nd Foire Internationale et Gastronomique de Dijon, which is the hugest economic event of Burgundy, bringing about 600 exhibitors that welcome all age groups.  There were plenty of presentations of various French cuisine, furniture, crafts, fashion, health and beauty, leisure and recreation.  The event was so ginormous that we even got lost once!

This is JUST the cuisine section...
Adorable French house decor ♥
For lunch, I ate bull meat for the first time which is traditionally eaten in southern France.  It almost tastes like beef so it was no biggie like the pizza I had in Chalon-sur-Saône!  Later, I decided to try myrtille waffle because (I thought) I never tried a myrtille before.  It was really tasty and I learned that myrtilles are something like blueberries, but I realized how stupid I was when I came home because google translate told me that myrtilles are blueberries after all.  Oh goodness.  Also, the Rotarian's wife generously offered to buy apple cider for me and assured me that there was no alcohol in it.  However, I assert that there was something odd in that apple cider because it stung my nose so much!  Despite the pain (which was probably visually evident), I drank the whole beverage and smiled like it was the best drink in the world.  Ma vie.

The mysterious apple cider and myrtille waffle
After much walking and getting lost, we left Dijon for a wine chateâu for just a little peek.  I was surprised to see that there were wine books written in Japanese sold in the boutique store there.

The front of the chateâu
Fields and fields and fields of vineyards
Lastly when it was night, we also stopped by the "Capital of Burgundy wines" known as the town of Beaune.  In the town centre, almost all the stores sell wine or something related to wine.  We just walked in the streets and a store, but I enjoyed it so much because the rainy and tranquil night had an antique and romantic feel.  I would love to visit again if I have the chance.


I am so grateful that the Rotarian and his wife took me along today because nothing could have been better.  I was more than blessed especially when they both said to me in French that I was their daughter for today.  Maybe it sounds childish, but as an exchange student who was told of that they're more than just guests, their pleasure of having me really made me feel belong somewhere.

À bientôt,


  1. しんせつなロータリアンの写真が見たかったです。でも楽しい日でよかったね。またつぎのブログ楽しみにしています。元祖オナラマスターより。

  2. Awesome Sari!

    You are becoming a true global citizen!
    Many diffrent lenses to view the world through.


    Mr. Mah Poy