Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Famous!

Now, it's clear that almost everyone in Louhans know that I am here after reading this article in their local newspaper:  I'M FAMOUS!  (kinda? nay? ... well I'm just too happy.)
So Sari, can you read that? you may ask.  Well my answer is yes, the first half very clearly, but then a little itsy bitsy here and there and... uhm... the rest must be something good anyways.
The first week of lycée is done, and WOW, it went by really quickly!  I've already met so many students who are really open and kind.  It is so surprising because I remember being told that my first week of exchange would probably be the hardest especially with the homesickness factor... but thanks to be with a wonderful host family and my numerous new friends, my stay here is truly awesome!  Like the Rotexes recommended, I am keeping myself very busy every minute, so I already feel that time is flying by quickly.  (To answer my Canadian friend's question,) yes, I do get a lot of stares filled with curiousity from students at my lycée and even in the village, and that makes my experience more interesting!  After all, I am the only Japanese or Canadian student or citizen here - not kidding!
Since the workload of Première L Français is obviously WAAAAYYYY too difficult (and not to mention, impossible,) to do by only using my current petit knowledge of French, I decided to do some extra French 6eme, 5eme (grade 6 & 7 level) exercise sheets given to me specially by my prof.  But sadly, I realized after looking at the very first page that they were too difficult as well.  After that disappointing pause, I shamefully dug into my suitcase and found my English-explained-ultra-basic-for-dummies-like-workbook brought from Canada, and decided to do that first.  That is where I am right now.
I hope in the meantime, my French will become better!
A bientôt,


  1. Hi Sari, Great photo and great welcome you are getting. Don't worry, the French will come - you have a whole year there, so don't panic that you aren't fluent in the 1st week!! I am using this photo of you (along with one of Amelia in Japan)in my PowerPoint presentation about Rotary Youth Exchange to the local schools this week, in an attempt to get some students to apply for next year. Sounds like you are fitting in quickly and making lots of friends. Janet

    1. Thank you and that's great for the presentation! I am excited to know who will be the next outbound student! If the students have any questions, they are welcome to email me!