Monday, August 27, 2012

"Uhm... I don't know yet!"

That phrase has been OVERLY repeated by me.

When I found out my acceptance to the program back in October, the first question my friends asked me was:  "Which country?"

Well knowing that exchange was almost a year ahead at the time, I replied in an excited voice without any worries, "Uhm... I don't know yet!"  Like come on, it's just October.  No need to worry about anything yet.

So months flew by.  Yes, that included the Christmas holidays.  The more weeks that went by, the less excited and rather nervous and anxious my voice became when I kept answering that same old question.

Finally the first orientation swung by in January, and just in a blink of an eye, I finally found out the answer to that question. France.

Next day, I have let my friends know about my country.  They were so happy for me.  But guess what they asked me next?

"Where in France?"

'Oh please, not again!' I thought to myself.  I replied once again, "Uhm... I don't know yet!"  At least, knowing my host-country returned back the excitement I had in October.

And so a couple more months flew by again.  No biggie.  Well, half a year actually.  Okay, maybe it's time to start worrying now. 

I finally had my answer in July: Louhans!

My wonderful friends all cheered for me when I brought to them the news.  However, guess what they asked me next? 

"When are you heading there?"

Oh lord.  Not again. 

I explained that I have to apply for a visa then I would know my exact deparature date.  Easy... right?  No, I never knew how long a visa application could take to be sent, processed and returned.

Today is Aug.26th, 2012.  Uhm dear readers... I still don't know when I am leaving!
I can't believe I still don't have my visa yet and how I might be lying in a new bed, with a new family, in a new home, in a mini village and in a country that's practically on the opposite side of the globe... all at least by next weekend... and it's bizarre!  I remember seeing several Rotarians passing by me in town for the past few days, and my continueous existance in Canada surprised them a lot!

I am not upset that I will arrive in Paris probably later then the planned date (28th), but I am extremely anxious of what's going to happen, when I'm going to see my first host-family, and how my life will completely change its route...  in a good way of course!  It's an adventure after all!  My luggage is almost completely packed, but I still feel unprepared.  I never knew my entire year before exchange was going to be full of non-stop anxiety!  MON DIEU!!
My home-club counsellor just sent an email to me that my visa may arrive tomorrow morning and I have the possibility to leave that afternoon!  She, including my outbound counsellor, my host-district's Youth Exchange Chairman and the assistant of France's Long Term Exchanges Coordinator are just so wonderful it makes my heart squeeze.  It is because they've all contacted me to make sure that I'll quickly let my travel agent to book my flights when my visa arrives, and assure that I'll safely arrive to the country and meet my host-parents.  THANK YOU, MERCI, and ありがとう everyone for making this happen, and this also includes to all my family members, friends in town and across Canada and other countries for the huge support and good wishes.
Chances are slim to leave tomorrow, but we'll see what happens!
I don't think I'll sleep tonight, but good night to Canada and good morning in France!
ps: It is my birthday today! I enjoyed my dad's sushi resulting with the fullest stomach I could ever possibly have (for the next entire year!)

pss: After my summer school ended, I have been enjoying lots of my time with family and friends!  Here are some photos below :)

SUSHI ♥ (It says "Happy B-Day Sari" in the wasabi paste)
Farewell Hang Out with Childhood Friends

Farewell Japanese Dinner Night with even more of my Canadian Friends

Farewell Mexican Dinner Night with MORE of  my Canadian Friends and Sisters

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