Friday, July 13, 2012

BCG & More

My mom contacted our district's travel agent to ask if she has to write the BCG immunization parental consent (for the visa application) in French.  It turns out that she doesn't have to, so thank goodness because neither of us can barely write any French at the moment. 

Speaking of the immunization, (and before I explode of too much happiness contained inside of me for a separate reason), I have to get a BCG shot, Bacillus Calmette–Guérin, when I settle in France.  (Frenchy name?  Yes, it was created by a French bacteriologist named Albert Calmette and veterinarian named Camille Guérin.)  According to the French law, it is forbidden for students without the immunization to attend school in France! 

Needles are not my friends.  I get very tense in the arm even when the needle does not touch me yet!  When I first found out that I must take this immunization, I told myself to chill out and reassure that it will be just a teensy weensy prick ..... until I saw this on the internet:

BCG Immunization Stamp

I almost screamed in terror.  Look!  9 pricks?!  OUCH!

But there is good news!  Apparently, France only uses one needle for it, unlike Japan who continues to use the one in the picture. (Both of my parents got them in Japan.  The scar is permanent!)  At least a single painful needle will be worth the foreign experience!

Back to the story.  Not only that I found out more information on how to complete my visa application, but on a much, much happier note.  I found out where I will live in France since the travel agent received my guarantee form! 

I am going to a French village called Louhans, populated by around 6500 people.  It is located in between Dijon and Lyon, and just over 100km away from Geneva, Switzerland, and 300km from Paris!  More specifically, it belongs in the Saone & Loire area of the Burgundian region.

Location of Louhans, France

It is a petit village known for their Monday morning Bresse Poutry Market, the pretty rivière Seille and the antique buildings including their 157 Arcades that stretches across La Grande Rue.

I am smiling so much that my cheeks hurt!

This photo is their main street that apparently existed since the 11th century!
A typical little French ville ♥ Super excité!

Au revoir pour le moment,


  1. Hi Sari,
    I had one of these 9 prick BCG's as well when I lived in Kenya, in grade 6. It did leave a permanent scar on my forearm arm and several of the students got bad infections/reactions but that was a long time ago - glad you are getting the single needle - sounds more civilized! Janet

    1. Wow, that is very cool that you lived in Kenya! I would love to hear more about it when we meet again!
      Yes, I am so glad that I will only get a single needle! Phew~!