Sunday, April 29, 2012

As We Stand Tall in Red

Today was the Final Outbound Orientation: the day I thought that would never come and go by so quickly.

Showing off our spectacular red blazers with Amelia also from Canmore, who is going to Japan

We are a Rotary family; despite the few days we only meet together, we are all like sisters and brothers. It's such a unique feeling to be so tightly bonded by at least, a single common thing:

Together as Rotary family
I really wonder when that word will leave my mind.  Now, I think about my exchange every few days. Or more like every day.  But there's only 4 months left, so I guess there is no way it's going to leave my head for the next one and a half years by a minimum. It will be a challenge to juggle my thoughts between Canada and France, plus between the past, present and future.

Rotary Youth Exchange Students of District 5360 (2012/2013)

Today, today, today... was again one of those days that I'm sad it's finished, but happy because it happened. The coordinators and Rotex's taught us about the importance of our own security and safety over the course of our exchange, but other than that, the Orientation was mostly just hugging and laughing... (and not to forget, a game of untangling our interlaced arms without letting go of our hands.) Near the end of the orientation day, I realized that we will not all meet together again until we come back after our exchanges. What a scary thought!

Exchange students.... we're a crazy bunch.

We got our custom-made red blazers and they fitted perfectly! (Yeah Canada for red!) I'm so excited to wear this at the airport on the day I leave! (I currently don't know exact dates or even where in France I am going, but I hope to let you know soon!)

Jouir des photos! ♥


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